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About This Course

The crucial component of a top performing people manager is little to do with academic prowess, technical knowledge or mental focus – the deciding factor is EMOTIONAL SKILL.

This unique event is designed to provide people managers with a comprehensive suite of proven tools and techniques that can be used in virtually any situation to turn around poor performance as well as further enhance already positive performance.

Using the tools and techniques we share with you, you will uncover and instantly be able to deal with even the most challenging of problems more quickly and easily than ever before. Very simple, astonishingly effective!

In essence, this team building event will provide people managers with a powerful and fresh look at the world of people management. It covers in detail the strategies and techniques that have brought tremendous success to many of our clients over many years. And, during the programme you will put them to the test – so you’ll be confidently using all we share with you on the day and confident and committed to applying the skills and techniques back in the workplace.

Who is this event for?

  • People managers who want to manage themselves and their team members more productively.

  • Newly promoted and long-established managers who could benefit from a boost in personal effectiveness and team performance.

  • Management teams gearing up for a challenging project and needing to gain team buy-in.

  • Managers wanting to improve morale, engagement and motivation to drive up quality and productivity.

  • Managers experiencing a challenging time and needing to generate practical, holistic solutions to difficult people problems.

What will we achieve?

  • Enhanced open, honest dialogue within and across the team.

  • A solution-focused approach to complex problem solving.

  • Improved self-awareness for all participants with an insight on how to manage their personal impact more positively.

  • An in-depth understanding of the key emotional intelligence competencies that maximise team collaboration and commitment to excellence.

  • A more purpose driven team where team members feel their contribution is both meaningful and worthwhile.

  • An appreciation of how our personal values drive our thinking and communication.

  • A detailed appreciation of how to develop a truly dynamic team.

  • An invigorated, energised team that is committed to applying its learning back in the workplace for everyone’s benefit.

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Your Investment

Your financial investment for this courses is based on how many participants you wish to undertake the programme. Your investment starts from just £119 per person.

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