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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training designed by our team of EI experts is intellectually challenging, thought-provoking and highly interactive. Because we avoid complex theory, participants can focus on how to consistently apply their learning back in your workplace.

We’ve compiled and condensed our most effective ideas, tools and techniques in to a unique range of involving, thought-provoking Emotional Intelligence training courses. The intention of each programme is to offer you a scientifically-validated, down-to-earth exploration of Emotional Intelligence and how it can significantly boost people performance.

If ever there was a single subject that could transform management and team performance forever, it's Emotional Intelligence!

Bespoke, Results Focused Learning

Using a combination of powerful techniques and activities, our expert team will take you through an involving, thought provoking and fun experience that will enable you to achieve outstanding improvements in effectiveness.

Our action-packed Emotional Intelligence courses provide an entirely new paradigm for achieving exceptional management and team effectiveness. They provide a simple set of concepts and tools to remove the fundamental blocks and challenges which turn up so often and make us lose our focus and motivation.

Putting these tools to work might not be quite as easy as wishing you had a genie and a magic lamp - but it won’t be so difficult that you can’t do it with a little focus and commitment either.

Emotional Intelligence Training Courses

When you book an Emotional Intelligence Training with us, you'll be actively involved in a series of thought provoking, intellectually challenging, but fun, activities and discussions that get you thinking, making better decisions and making positive changes to how you currently prefer to communicate and collaborate.

Because we travel to your organisation to deliver your Emotional Intelligence training course, all you need to do is help us understand your challenges and most important learning goals, and our expert team will do the rest.

Why not get in touch to explore how your organisation can benefit by collaborating with the Emotional Intelligence Training team? You are welcome to call us on 0845 052 3701 or complete the Contact Form below.

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