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About Us

Scott Watson

Scott Watson is one of the most sought-after executive and management development coaches around today – and for good reason. He has consistently demonstrated his ability to create extraordinary results for any organisation he consults with, and has probably transformed the way leaders actually lead more than anyone else in the UK.

He is considered an innovator in his field and constantly updates his work based on the latest human research and the extensive research and testing he undertakes with his hand-picked team of coaches.

Scott can introduce you and your colleagues to knowledge and techniques many people, including leading academics, are not yet aware of. His emotional intelligence is measured as being within the top 5% of the UK's population (using the scientifically-validated EQ-i Assessment).

In his professional career, Scott has devoted himself to developing outstanding managers and teams. In addition to authoring the book ‘Win Every Time – Essential lessons for existing and emerging leaders’, Scott presents to audiences worldwide on how to maximise organisational effectiveness. He is also an expert media commentator for print and broadcast media in the UK.

Bespoke Expert Support

Each Emotional Intelligence training and coaching course includes our latest research and developments into maximising emotional intelligence.

Few Emotional Intelligence training courses are designed to produce immediate, measurable results within just a few days. According to our clients, the Emotional Intelligence courses we provide, are an exception to the norm.

In addition to being supported by some of the most experienced and trusted Emotional Intelligence experts around today, you and your colleagues will enjoy learning an abundance of proven, easy-to-use tools, techniques and approaches that will significantly improve your personal and professional effectiveness.

The candid advice and guidance we'll share with you and your colleagues may defy conventional teachings, but it will provides a simple clarity that will get you ready for reaching new heights in leadership, management and team effectiveness.

Clients have experienced overwhelmingly positive and consistent improvements and positive outcomes as a direct result of learning with our team, and you could too.

Dirk Bansch

Dirk is an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach and a popular Executive Coach for senior leaders and company directors.

Dirk has a passion for supporting and developing new and established managers who want or need to complement technical competence with strong people management skills.

Delivering Emotional Intelligence training throughout the UK and Germany, more than 4,000 managers have enjoyed and benefited from Dirk's specialist Emotional Intelligence support.

The breakthroughs, innovations, great ideas, insights and solutions you’re looking for have already been formulated and are available right here, right now. Why not get in touch to discuss your Emotional Intelligence training needs in more detail?

Client Feedback

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Courses

Emotional Intelligence courses with our team are renowned for being dynamic, engaging and extremely effective.

Our goal is to help your colleagues to be even more effective the moment they leave their event.

Having a fantastic time on a course is one thing, but it’s vital that you and your team know how to apply what you learn in the real world of business and commerce. And that’s where our comprehensive learning transfer and embedding system comes in to its own.

Why not get in touch to explore how your organisation can benefit by collaborating with the Emotional Intelligence Training team? You are welcome to call us on 0845 052 3701 or complete the Contact Form below.