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Enhancing Communication With Emotional Intelligence

Effective communication is vital

Every organisation has challenges with communication. Whether it be within same site teams or across remote teams, effective communication is vital if teams are to perform at their best.

You already know that most people would want to communicate more often and openly within their organisation – if only they had the time! We know that many of the problems faced by teams are directly related back to poor communication. But it’s not that simple.

Poor communication can eat away at trust, collaboration, and willingness to speak up or contribute fully and can cause major problems in terms of quality, efficiency and achievement of goals.

Tailored team building event

This event is tailored to meet your unique team requirements. It is not an‘off the shelf’ package – that approach simply doesn’t add lasting value to your organisation. Summit takes great care to ensure that each event matches client’s most important goals. That way you can feel confident that your team building event adds lots of value to you and your team.

What will we achieve?

  • Enhanced open, honest dialogue across the team

  • A solution-focused approach to problem solving

  • Improved self-awareness for all participants with an insight on how to manage their personal impact more positively

  • An understanding of how trust either develops or damages teamwork

  • A more collaborative team where the human element of work is appreciated and valued

  • An appreciation of how our personal values drive our thinking and communication

  • A deep understanding of how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ communication impacts our relationships

  • An invigorated, energised team that is committed to applying its learning back in the workplace for everyone’s benefit

Who is this event for?

  • Teams that want to work together more effectively and support each other more productively.

  • New teams that have been brought together and lack understanding on team standards and ways of working.

  • Teams that work remotely and don’t have the luxury of regular personal contact with colleagues they rely on to achieve key objectives.

  • Teams that need to deal with a sensitive problem that doesn’t get talked about in the workplace but is damaging team morale and effectiveness.

  • Teams that need to influence customers (internal and external) more positively and resolve sensitive problems.

Your Investment

Your financial investment for this courses is based on how many participants you wish to undertake the programme. Your investment starts from just £119 per person.

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