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Emotional Intelligence Speakers

Emotional Intelligence Speakers

Emotional Intelligence Training is a fabulous way to optimise the effectiveness of your people.

But did you know that you can also benefit greatly from an action-packed, hands-on keynote presentation that is only 60 minutes duration?

No, your audience won't be sat listening to Scott or Dirk for 90 minutes. They'll be actively involved in a thought-provoking presentation, individual activities and, will benefit greatly from taking 'Time To Think' too.

Each session weaves together a fascinating combination of information, activity, discussion and self-review. The built-in activities keep your brain stimulated, engaged and learning throughout. And we’ve designed it to optimise brain functioning in just a few minutes.

If you want to make positive change happen, a keynote presentation with one of our expert Emotional Intelligence Speakers could be the opportunity to make it happen!

Emotional Intelligence Speaker Focus

Each keynote presentation is packed full with unbelievable opportunities for learning, applying and absorbing our vast knowledge base of tools, skills and techniques.

One of the things that make these keynote presentations so valuable is that they avoid boring theory and psychobabble and instead, are packed full of information, tools and tips to help you and your audience maximise your effectiveness.

Our Emotional Intelligence Speakers will provide your audience with a very clear understanding of how to maximise your personal effectiveness, and overcome your most pressing challenges.

Why not get in touch to explore how your organisation can benefit by collaborating with our Emotional Intelligence Speaker team? You are welcome to call us on 0845 052 3701 or complete the Contact Form below.

Your Emotional Intelligence Speakers

]Book an Emotional Intelligence speaker if you want to:-

  • Motivate End Engage Your Employees During A Period Of Significant Change

  • Develop A More Cohesive, Collaborative Management Population Who Deliver Best Value

  • Turn Around A Team Or Department Which Isn't Performing As Well As It Needs To

  • Reduce The Number Of Poor Or Unacceptable Performance In Your Organisation

  • Balance Technical Competence With Deeply Human Skills That Will Help Your Employees Thrive

  • Help Your People Transition From 'Average' To 'Amazing' Performance

  • Reduce Costly Errors, Rework And Develop A 'Right First Time, Every Time' Attitude

Emotionally Intelligent Job Hunting

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