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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

The concept of Emotional Intelligence has been popularised by Daniel Goleman, who states that EQ is more important than IQ for leadership positions. The main pillars of EI are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Skills. And, the good new is they can be learned.

Emotional Intelligence training with our expert team is action-packed, thought-provoking and carefully designed to deliver worthwhile and lasting value for your organisation.

Emotional Intelligence courses are an especially effective resource for managers and teams to develop enhanced personal and collective effectiveness, and boost employee engagement.

Your Emotional Intelligence training course, when facilitated by our expert team members, can deliver tremendous results for you and your organisation. Just ask our clients!

Emotional Intelligence Speakers

Scott Watson and Dirk Bansch are two of the UK's most popular Emotional Intelligence speakers & trainers, and for good reason.

Their action-packed, thought-provoking Emotional Intelligence presentations enable your managers and teams to transform how they perform. In these powerful, unique keynote presentations, you’re presented with solutions to some of the toughest challenges a manager and team can face.

Find out more about how your audience and organisation can benefit and enjoy a few hours of hands-on, intellectually challenging and fun with Scott or Dirk to get your conference or away day off to a great start.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training In The UK

Emotional Intelligence Training is our speciality and clients throughout the UK appoint our Emotional Intelligence Trainers and Experts to deliver Management Training, Emotional Intelligence Training and Team Building training that delivers measurable improvements in performance.

Emotional Intelligence Training solutions include developing Emotionally Intelligent Managers, Emotional Intelligence For Teams, Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Keynote Presentations.

Why not get in touch to explore how your organisation can benefit by collaborating with the Emotional Intelligence Training team? You are welcome to call us on 0845 052 3701 or complete the Contact Form below.

Emotional Intelligence Training courses are available in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast as well as other UK cities.

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